Website development services

As a programmer with over 16 years of experience, I offer website development services for small businesses and individuals. Here and further by website I mean Jamstack website.

Why order website development from me?

  • I have huge experience in website development. Previously I was leading front-end efforts in a bunch of internet startups, such as Verifiable, Dock, Remote, and some others.
  • I offer very competitive prices for my work and expertise.
  • I’m passionate about quality. In my work I stick to web standarts and best practices, focusing on accessibility and performance. I use auditing tools like Lighthouse and others to ensure this. For example you can check my website in PageSpeed to see how it scores.

How do I work?

  1. Send me your initial inquiry at n/a, or via any other service of your choice mentioned on the programming page. Further communication can be done via messengers (Telegram, Slack, etc.).
  2. I provide feedback and estimation based on requirements and designs that you give me. If you don’t have designs yet – no problem, I have a person who can help with designs.
  3. If we agree on all the aspects, then I send you a contract agreement PDF, which you need to print, sign, and send to my postal address. Alternatively we can organize work via Upwork. In this case contract agreement is not needed, but the platform will take it’s fee (10-20%).
  4. I start building website and deploying live preview on a temporary address regularly to show the progress and get feedback. Process repeats page-by-page until website is finished.
  5. Setting up Google Search Console to make sure there are no crawling and indexing issues.
  6. Setting up Google Analytics, or any other analytics of your choice.
  7. Publishing to production domain.
  8. Optionally, but I highly recommend to configure automatic updates for framework and plugins. Site will redeploy automatically when dependencies update. Usually this improves performance and fixes bugs. It’s important to keep dependencies and code up-to-date if you plan to scale website and introduce new features later. Similar like you keep your smartphone up-to-date, it helps to secure it and allows to use latest apps. Note: in case if there are major framework updates (usually once a year), they need to be applied manually by developer accordingly to upgrade docs. I typically reach out to client by myself later if there are major updates available which can be applied.
  9. If everything is ok, you send me payment via wire transfer, or via Upwork.
  10. I transfer code repository and deployment pipeline ownership to you.
  11. Enjoy :)

P.S. Dear recruiters, please do not contact me, as I’m not looking for any type of a permanent job!

This website is built using Gatsby 🚀 and hosted on Netlify.
Source code is available on GitHub

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