This page contains a list of public projects, which I’ve created. You can find here open-source, freelance, and private projects. Commercial projects from my full-time job are not listed here due to NDA.

Orchard CulturePicker module

CulturePicker module it’s an easy-to-use extension, that aimed to solve some well-known issues with localization in Orchard CMS.

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Orchard Masonry Layout module

Module for Orchard CMS. Adds an additional type of layout for projections - Masonry Dynamic Grid layout. It’s functionality is based on the jQuery Masonry library.

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Orchard Responsive Theme Machine

Orchard CMS default theme with a “mobile-first” responsive design. It’s aimed on providing an equal user experience for different viewport sizes.

The idea of this project is inspired mainly by the HTML5 Boilerplate Project.

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Freelance project. Website for family business implemented in Orchard CMS.

Hobby-driven website. Currently powered and hosted by the Blogger platform.

Yes, this website is also one of my projects. Seriously. Did I mention that it’s open-source? Feel free to fork me on GitHub.